The Situation Workout

Who is Mike “The Situation”?

Every social group has their own version of “The Situation”.  They are the person who is always at the center of attention.  They are the first person to talk to a member of the opposite sex on a night out, and usually the most boisterous person of the group.   “The Situation” is the life of the party, so for Mike, this is an appropriate nick name.

When I first heard about “The Situation” workout dvd, I didn’t know what to think.   I had only watched Jersey Shore a few times and didn’t think this reality series would increase ones authoritative power in the health and fitness industry, but Mike is a smart guy.  Even though the cast is portrayed as young, party goers who drink every night, Mike is still able to maintain an impressive physique.  He is using his fit image to sell his new DVD. 

You have to be impressed with some of the male physiques on the cast of Jersey Shore.  “The Situation” who helped coin the phrase ‘Gym, Tan, Laundry’ is getting expanding his earning potential.  “The Situation” most famous for his chiseled abs is using his success on Jersey Shore to profit on his soon to be released workout DVD, but does he know what he is talking about when it comes to health and fitness?

Good Fitness Role Model?

Fortunately for “The Situation” you can measure authority in other ways.  Nobody can argue that he doesn’t have great abs, in fact he shows them off almost every episode.  You also can’t take away the hard work that he puts his body through.  The guys on the show maintain that they go to the gym everyday, so in that respect they are putting in the effort to get those results. 

 He actually mentioned diet

After viewing the clip below I earned some respect for Mike “The Situation” .  When asked about workout routine, he goes on to discuss the stages of his program.  Where he really made me pleased is about the 16 second mark.  He goes on a rant about diet!  This is something I wasn’t expecting.  Most meat heads wouldn’t talk about their diet in such high regard.  For that I will get him credit.  He didn’t mislead people to believe that just abs workouts alone will get the job done; no he actually admitted that diet plays a vital role is sculpting that 6-pack.  Congratulations “Situation” for not being a Meat Head and a potentially a positive role model.


Don’t forget about cardio.  “The Situation” says he does cardio after every workout.  He prefers to use the treadmill for at least 30 minutes after each weight training session.  He believes that if you miss this step, you will never get “The Situation” abdominal muscles you desire.  Good Luck!


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